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     Some Photos of the 666 run 25/7/00
              Click on any thumbnail picture to enlarge......

skis.jpg (28793 bytes)            skis2.jpg (95646 bytes)   
On the 4 man skis we had to race to the first piss stop,
It was worth the effort "Chile Vodka"...

pitbull.jpg (39331 bytes)        knick.jpg (50266 bytes)        devels4.jpg (48000 bytes)  
Suitable fancy dress was the order of the day

pisstp1.jpg (82300 bytes)                pisstp2.jpg (86564 bytes)
In to a truck and Numerous "6" Piss Stops later.

pedishead.jpg (48576 bytes)    maddonice.jpg (39694 bytes)    kitchen.jpg (102786 bytes)
Pedi finds a freind, 
Madd-on-er breaks the ice!!! er bucket &
 Who would trust those two in the kitchen.

bruisertitz.jpg (45900 bytes)        knickdance.jpg (30125 bytes)       emphgs.jpg (32599 bytes)
Bruiser & Titz               the party raged into the night.....
came out of the woodwork                                                                 

    Click on the Album for more photos of other runs....


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